cooper 18 sie/hir

genderfluid asexual feminine gay man

full list of pronouns and names

weirdo tech and science nerd from finland. been interested in coding since i was a wee kid. i love astronomy, and plan to get into it (or more specifically astrophysics) later in life, either as a hobbyist or professionally.

disability is an important part of my identity, and influences much of my life. i talk about it quite a bit on occasion.

i am a programming student in college.


science fiction
anatomy & physics
astronomy & entomology
hardcore & metal music
halo & red vs blue
resident evil
+ more

fun facts:

taken since 11.05.2019
my sun sign is leo.
my favorite colors are purple and chartreuse.
i used to dislike monkeys and the color green, but nowadays i love both of those things!
i have two guinea pigs named nappu and eppi.

⚠︎ do not interact if:

i really hate having to do this, but otherwise i will come across really nasty people, so please, do not interact with me if you fit and/or support the following.

are right wing, racist, ableist, lgbtphobic, a terf, etc.
are proship or "anti-anti" (ie. ship incest, pedophilia, etc.)
are an adult and act inappropriately around, with, or about minors, jokingly or not. this includes fictional minors.